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Some latest feedback ...

Jan 2018

Can I just thank you for the time taken to explain the issues and for the advice you gave which was invaluable.

- D. Welling


Dec 2017

Thanks for the survey report which is very thorough. I appreciated the opportunity to discuss the condition of the yacht with you on Friday and the helpful descriptions of what to look for in an older yacht.

- S. Irvine


Oct 2017

.. high quality and detailed survey, which was a great help.

- R. Hersee


Oct 2017

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank you for your efforts last Friday. You have certainly helped to reduce the stress of purchasing xxx as well as giving some good advice to us newbies.

- S. Greig


September 2017

Thank you for the report, which is very thorough … It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and to follow through the survey with you. You couldn't have been clearer as you explained everything to me. For my part it was not only informative, but a real bonus to watch you work and to understand more about the boat. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Thanks to your survey we have negotiated a contribution towards the rudder bearing repair.

- B. Ogley


September 2017

Thank you for a very professional service, I would be more than happy to recommend your services.

- M. Smart



September 2017

Many thanks for turning this around so quickly for me, and thanks for all your help with the survey.

- S. Rooke


August 2017

Thank you for such a comprehensive report - very pleased with the results and all going ahead, including the minor repairs you suggest.

-  J. Hudson


June 2017

The whole process was seamless and Gerry kept me fully informed and talked me through his findings. This enabled me to renegotiate the price... a real pleasure to work with. Highly recommend his services.

- N. Simper


June 2017

I'd like to say thank you very much for your swift and professional service in surveying the yacht for me. 

- G. Anderson


May 2017

I have been looking forward to reading your report.  It is thorough and concise.  Thank you.

- S. Luszniak.


April 2017

I have to say I found your survey report very thorough and very detailed and it was a great comfort to read it.

- O. Owens


March 2017

Thanks for being so prompt with everything it's a five star service you give and I will recommend you to anybody.

- G. Booth


Feb 2017

I have found your service to be exceptional and will highly recommend you to anyone in need of surveying in the future.

- B. Fowles


Feb 2017

Very comprehensive, and inspires great confidence in the continuation of the purchase of her... I thank you and have no problems advertising your skills to anyone. 

- S. Musgrave


Dec 2016

Thank you for your prompt and professional report.

- M. Henley


Nov 2016

Many thanks Gerry for such a thorough survey and promptly carried out.  

- C. Smith


Oct 2016

Thanks for all your efforts today, was a pleasure. 

- G. Pearce 


Oct 2016

It was a pleasure to meet you and also to learn so much more  …

- W. Davies


August 2016

Thanks for all you have done for us

- R. Buchan


August 2016

Thank you for your time on Friday …. I can now go ahead with progressing the purchase, confidently.

- E. Nystrom


June 2016

Thank you so much, a great Survey, will definitely be recommending you to anyone who we know needs a surveyor.

- K. Cruxon


May 2016

It was nice meeting you on Friday, especially someone so knowledgeable about boats … I learned a lot from you.

- B.Williams


May 2016

Thank you so much for your comprehensive report; it has really given me peace of mind with going ahead with the purchase.

- A. Martin


May 2016

Many thanks for your thorough resumé of the survey. It was a pleasure to speak with you and I would certainly recommend you to anyone else wanting a boat survey!

- S. Ratcliffe


March 2016

Many thanks for that Gerry, a pleasure meeting with you an education much appreciated.

- G. James


March 2016

Thank you very much  Gerry. A very thorough survey - I shall certainly come to you again if It ever buy another boat !

- M. Jeffrey


November 2015

Thank you very much, I really appreciated being talked through the various points on the day.

- K. Forster


September 2015

Thanks Gerry . What a great service!!

- D. Slinger


May 2015

Thank you for the survey. It was nice to meet and a pleasure to work alongside you. We are very pleased with the result. If ever we are asked, we will certainly recommend your company.
R. Levy


May 2015

Thank you Gerry – Superb speedy service.

- N. Evans


April 2015

Thank you for the survey and a job well done

- J. Abbott


March 2015

Thanks for the comprehensive survey report. It has given us the assurance we were looking for to go ahead

- A. Howlan


Jan 2015

Thank you for the survey, very well done ! I will have no hesitation in recommending your excellent services to others.

- G. Evans


Dec 2014

First class thanks Gerry. A very detailed report which also gives a very good work list for the next season.



Nov 2014

Thanks Gerry, for a thorough survey carried out in challenging conditions and for my prompt receipt of it. I will find it a very useful guide in renovating.

-F. Griffiths


Oct 2014

Thank you for doing this so quickly we really appreciate it.

- M. Newsham


July 2014

Thanks very much Gerry, have had time to read this through now. It is a very comprehensive report and very helpful too.

- B. Bingham


July 2014

Many thanks for this excellent report, both in content and format! Your prompt attention is very much appreciated.

-M. White


July 2014

... we managed to have our  warranty reinstated … thanks for your assistance.

- A&J. Baker


June 2014

Thank you for this and your efforts and attention to detail. …. As member of the local sailing clubs I will happily recommend you.
- B Oulton


May 2014

Many thanks for your very comprehensive survey and for setting our minds at rest.

-A. Baker


May 2014

Gerry, many thanks for your survey report - it gives me great confidence in the purchase.

- A.Robberts


April 2014

Thank you for the survey you conducted … and for your advice. You even included pictures which the surveyor for the original purchase did not include.  An excellent service.

- S.Solar


April 2014

Thank you for this it has given me full confidence in the purchase.  I will be sure to recommend you should anyone require a surveyor.

- Ben Hickman


March 2014

I shall have no hesitation in using you again in the future.

- J. Neale


Feb 2014

....  negotiated a significant

price reduction to cover the cost of repairing the P Bracket so

particular thanks for bringing that matter to my attention.’

- Mr O’Loughlin


January 2014

Excellent  survey … appreciate a very professional & comprehensive survey ‘

- J Connor


November 2013

‘Many thanks for

the survey … makes it easy to purchase with confidence. Thank you for your hard work

- D. Wareham


September 2013

’Many thanks for

your thorough survey and comprehensive report. I thought you provided a thoroughly

professional service.’

- R. Loynes


July 2013

‘Thanks Gerry, I really appreciate the speed of  the survey and the swift report’

- J.Pollard


June 2013

Thank you very much for the work .... It is perfect !’

- C. Peyre


April 2013

Many thanks for the very full & informative survey’

- J . Snell


Mar 2013

We are amazed at the detail ... service which definitely qualifies as above and beyond’

- G. Frost


Oct 2012

‘Brilliant Gerry !Thanks so much.’

- Mr & Mrs Green


Sept 2012

“Many thanks for your excellent survey report.”

- Mr Wynn


Aug 2012

“Thanks you for your advice, help, very prompt survey and report and would have no hesitation to recommend or use you again in the future.”

- Mr Greenwood


Sept 2012

“Thanks Gerry – a very thorough & well presented professional service.”

- Mr Rice


Pre Purchase Marine Survey

This comprehensive inspection survey covers approximately 40 points for the average sailing yacht and slightly less for Powerboats. Narrowboat reports also include Ultrasonic hull thickness tests; A Pre Purchase report is strongly advised when purchasing a used vessel. The purpose of the survey is to provide the buyer with the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding the vessel and to evaluate its general condition prior to purchase.


It includes a detailed breakdown of recommendations which are clearly graded as being essential, recommended or advisory. This can be a useful  tool to negotiate specific repairs or price adjustments with the vendor as well as  serving as a maintenance and repair checklist post purchase.


The main areas of inspection include:    

Our range of comprehensive and detailed marine surveying inspection reports include:


Pre-purchase Marine Survey

Insurance Marine Survey

Valuation or Appraisal Marine Survey

Sea Trial

Damage Inspection Marine Survey

Project Management & Consultancy


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